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Welcome to UMD University for Seniors! > Special Interest Groups

Welcome to UMD University for Seniors!

UMD University for Seniors Fall 2023 Catalog

Join UMD University for Seniors to challenge your mind, extend your social circle, and expand your horizons. Meet new friends in pursuit of common interests and become part of a great community of lifelong learners! We welcome you whether your formal education ended early in life or you have advanced degrees. 


General registration is now closed. If you have questions about registration please contact the US office: 218-726-7637 |

To get started, you must create an account or sign in to an existing account. To request classes, you must become a member first. After you request classes, don't forget to prioritize your requested classes in your account before the priority registration deadline! 

To view our Spring term schedule, click on the Happenings image on this page or search classes below. If you have registration questions, view our Registration Help Guide, view our Registration FAQ page, or contact the US Program Office: (218) 726-7637 |